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Exploring and Creating High-Growth Ventures
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Solutions Designed With Communities
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A Network of Local Innovators
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Building Prototypes To Test Venture Concepts
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A Unique Shared Work Space


VentureLabs East Africa is a new platform for exploring and creating transformative ventures in East Africa’s fast-growing markets.



We are applied problem solvers, with commercial mindsets. With deep venture development experience in India, Brazil and Africa, we believe in rigorous research and development in technology and business model innovation to de-risk the development of high-growth opportunities in frontier markets.


Local Networks

We bring together global and local networks of entrepreneurs, developers, research partners and investors to explore, incubate and launch innovations. These are designed to deliver venture returns, along with systemic social and environmental change.


Urban and Rural

We focus on R&D in both urban and rural settings, establishing R&D sites with rural partners for specific projects as required. The labs are optimized for working closely with end-users while designing new ventures, as well as connecting with local operators and collaborators.


Co-working Space

Our Kampala lab also runs as a co-working space for innovative start-ups and small companies. A like-minded, entrepreneurial community, members are central to the VentureLabs network, but work independently of the venture development process.

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