Our process begins with exploration from a blank sheet stage.

After intensive research, the most interesting venture concepts are taken through a structured incubation process, before being launched and spun out as independent companies.

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    We explore sectors, technologies and business models by analysing attractive market opportunities, interviewing a wide range of stakeholders, developing innovative venture concepts and assessing financial and impact potential. Concepts that have the potential to deliver venture multiples and scalable social and/or environmental impact are taken into incubation.

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    We incubate promising venture concepts by testing early hypotheses through field-based experimentation and iteration, recruiting partners and co-founding team members, engaging external stakeholders, building detailed financial and operating models and mobilising seed finance. The incubation process lasts between 6 and 18 months, depending on the complexity of the venture. Towards the end of incubation, we make a decision to kill, shelve or launch the venture.

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    Ventures that we decide to launch are then established in a separate company, with the IP and know-how generated through the Exploration and Incubation phases vested in that company, and the founding equity shared between VentureLabs East Africa, co-founding team members and co-founding partners. The new company is formally launched on closure of a Series A capital round from the platform’s investor network.